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Meet Our Team

The Versailles Veterinary Clinic has been in the business of caring for animals since 1973.
Versailles Veterinary clinic has surgery facilities, surgical monitoring, including EKG, gas anesthesia, and in-house laboratory.  We recently upgraded to digital radiography, which provides a clear and more diagnostic x-ray for viewing, allowing for more accurate treatment and care.  Cold laser and ultrasound are available for some patients.  We continue to provide dental care, including equine power floating, in- house pharmacy, nutrition consulting, and have boarding facilities with outdoor exercise areas.  Along with companion animal care, we have large animal facilities for treatment of cattle and equine.  Our goal is to provide excellent care for all patients.  Our caring, well trained staff is listed below, ready to assist with all your needs.    

Our staff:  Mieke Schotte, DVM,   Owner

                        M.B. Jones, DVM     Associate

                        Kathy Flockhart, Practice Manager

                        Sheila Boyer, Receptionist/Customer Service

                        Alli Biggs, Receptionist/Customer Service                

                        Pat Nicholson, Receptionist/Customer Service   

                        Lauren Biggs, Receptionist/Customer Service                

                        Monique Monsalve, CVA II, Veterinary Assistant 

                        Whitney Johannas, CVA I, Veterinary Assistant                                                                                              

                        Kayla Cornine, Veterinary Assistant/Patient Care

                        Dawn Ely, CVA I, Kennel Supervisor

                        Carley Parker, Kennel Attendant

                         Klarissa Franzisko, Kennel Attendant

                         Claire Markway, Customer Service



Office Hours


8:00 am-12:00 pm

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8:00 am-12:00 pm

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